Jun 27 2021


10:20 am - 11:30 am

Yoga Workshop with Music Therapist-in-training, Navin Sahjpaul

Join us on Sunday, June 27th at 10:30am PST for a yoga workshop with soon-to-be Music Therapist, Navin Sahjpaul. Please arrive a few minutes early for a start right at 10:30am.

Follow this link to join the session.


My name is Navin Sahjpaul. I am a Musician (Gohj-ji), Music Therapist in training, Yoga Teacher, and Writer (Mental Health Advocate & Philosophy). I believe in human connection and the healing power of community. As someone who has experienced and overcome adverse life experiences, I find meaning in giving back and offering my gifts to the world.

Yoga and meditation are tools I use in my everyday life. They are amazing ways to regulate stress, process emotions, connect deeper to my body and sense of self, and heal. I completed a 300hr yoga teacher training program at Arkaya Yoga in 2018 and have been actively teaching classes since then.

The Yoga Session. June 27th at 10:30am PST

For my yoga workshop, I’ll be leading a mindfulness-based yoga and meditation practice. Within this container, individuals connect to their bodies and minds. Afterwards, attendees are provided with integration tools to take away into their own life.

I begin by guiding participants through a simple yoga practice which emphasizes body and breath awareness. The practice is gentle and is accessible for individuals who have never done yoga before and for experienced yogis.

Through the event, I will be demonstrating the poses on video while simultaneously guiding participants with my voice. I also play music (live guitar) with a mindfulness-based meditation within the session. This allows the participants to have a space to connect to their own bodies and minds in an accessible, visceral way. As a result, this yoga practice is something tangible they can take into their daily life.

After the session, I facilitate a group discussion with attendees. We talk about how the session felt, what worked or didn’t work for them, or what may have came up. This also is a good opportunity to allow participants to share their experience with the community. I find this yoga practice can often bring up emotions and thoughts within the participants that are valuable to discuss.

Navin Sahjpaul, host of this yoga workshop

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