Our Story


Our vision is to empower Indigenous youth with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the tech industry, fostering a new generation who bring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the tech industry. By integrating Indigenous values and perspectives into our curriculum, we aim to create a unique and culturally relevant educational experience that not only equips students with practical skills but also honors and amplifies their cultural heritage. We envision our graduates as leaders and change-makers in the tech industry, Thriving in fulfilling and impactful careers. Through community support, comprehensive career preparation, we strive to bridge the gap between Indigenous talent and opportunities in the tech world, creating a more diverse and equitable future.


Our mission is to empower Indigenous youth with essential skills in a culturally enriched environment. We foster creativity, empathy, and technical proficiency through hands-on learning. By integrating Indigenous perspectives, we prepare participants for successful careers in tech, promoting innovation and inclusivity in digital experiences.