Fungi Fabrics: A Whole Different Trip

Everything Wrong With Our Pants Last week, as I ambled along on my morning walk, I noticed a pair of jeans crumpled against a storm drain. The pants got me thinking about how long they would be there, what poor person constructed them, and the journey they made from cotton to Levis only to be […]

Dying Daily with Riancarnation

As I listened to episode twenty of Rian Bevan’s podcast Riancarnation, nodding along to the ideas about the interconnected collective, I began to feel present in a conversation I never had. Podcasts, even when lacking the bright visuals of a screen, contain the same satisfaction as a gripping novel. They force the brain to move, […]

Tone the Mind and the Body with Faith Shannon

Since Covid marked the abrupt closure of gyms and studios in 2020, there has been a surge in online fitness videos, platforms, and subscription services, aimed at getting and keeping us in shape at home. While these workouts and programs might get followers moving, many simply target the body, ignoring the importance and benefits of […]