Coming Together to Keep Communities Safe

Community Safewalk

In March of this year a woman walking in downtown Vancouver was being followed by a stranger. She felt scared and sought help from a group of people at a skatepark. In the same month another woman hiking on a Burnaby trail was followed, until she seeked refuge with a stranger. In April a woman […]

Three Simple Ways to Beautify Your Community

What better way to contribute to the beautification of your community than by taking part in a community cleanup, volunteering at a community garden, or plogging with a friend. What is Plogging You Ask? Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up litter as you go. The term was created in Sweden combining the […]

The Instagram Algorithm: How To Gain Reach & Stay In Your Audience’s Feed

In 2021 Instagram removed the reverse Chronological feed and now has an algorithm which decides what content to show based on a user’s engagement and presumed interests. The algorithm ultimately decides which posts are shown at the top of the newsfeed and in what order. What posts are featured on the explore tab, and which […]

The Mediterranean Diet – Healthy Fats & Why We Need Them

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the eating habits of people from Greece, Crete, and Southern Italy. Despite the higher consumption of fat in these Mediterranean countries, the rate of heart disease, obesity, and cancer is low, and not as prevalent as it is in North America. The Mediterranean Diet consists of nourishing fats, whole […]