2 Hour Soma Awakening Journey

Go deeper with SOMA Awakening Breathwork!

Kyle Espenshade is leading this 2 hour extended breathwork journey to help you set your intentions, and release old habitual patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your highest potential!

Cost: $33 ($22 with ‘here2help11‘ code at check out)
When: Sunday, April 11th, 4pm to 6pm PST / 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST
Sign up Here: https://withribbon.com/s/85476
Kyle is also offering the Here2Help Community 33% off a ticket! Use code ‘here2help11’ at check out if you’re a part of our community!

What does it mean to “Awaken”? People rarely go inside and question their own motives and what they truly want. Most of us are just following mechanical habits that have been instilled in us through our cultural conditioning since birth. Awakening means waking up from the cultural hypnosis, and changing our habits of thought, emotion, and action so that they are in more alignment with who we truly are.

Bring a notepad/journal, water, and wear comfortable yoga-style clothing. All breathwork techniques should ideally be done on an empty stomach, or at least 1-2 hrs after eating a full meal.

Who it’s for:
For those who desire to solve specific issues. It’s also for anyone who simply wants to experience a peak human experience or gain deep self-awareness and new inspiration.

How it works:
These extended journeys go deeper than the Energized Meditation routine with more than two rounds of breathwork and a guided meditation on any area of life you want to improve.

You’ll be able to clear negative imprints and liberate from the past so you can be more present, in the flow, and empowered to create your own reality! You will also be guided to reach a peak human experience and enter into satori, nirvana, and samadhi-like states of oneness, connection, and high inspiration.

Sign up Here: https://withribbon.com/s/85476

Kyle has been hosting free weekly intro sessions to his breathwork for people to get a taste of the technique and learn the mechanics before diving deeper. We’ve had some great turn out and engagement with the technique, and it’s been really incredible hearing about how powerful this technique seems to be for many people. Join us on a Monday if you have time before the longer session on the 11th to get a sense of the mechanics if you have time! Check the this post as well for benefits and other information around the technique. Link here: https://here2helpapp.com/breathwork-events-with-soma-alchemy-and-here2help-community/

Many people may have tried other breathwork like the Wim Hof Method, or Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathing. Though there is some overlap, the main difference between Holotropic and SOMA is that SOMA works to bring in breath retentions to help us enter a state hypoxia for Intermittant Hypoxic Training (IHT), whilst Holotropic is mainly breathing continuously for roughly 2-3 hours.
Holotropic induces a state of respiratory alkalosis, which can be much harder on the body in some ways, especially since there is no particular rhythm to the breath itself. SOMA uses music to help keep a smooth breathing rhythm, which adds in the benefit of creating Heart Coherence.

The longer Awakening Journey on the 11th will incorporate faster rhythms toward the end and can help induce a state similar to the effect of Holotropic breathwork, but achieving that effect in a quicker, more efficient manner

Ultimately we are trying to achieve a state of “breathlessness” called Kevala Kumbhaka in yoga. A state of Samadhi, or “Somadhi” as they call it in SOMA, though that can take gradual training to achieve.

We hope to see you at the event! Come breathe with us!

Sign up Here: https://withribbon.com/s/85476

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