“Lest we Forget.”

November 11th marks Remembrance Day all over Canada in honour of the heroes who died in military service. To commemorate the bravery of more than 2,300,000 Canadians and the sacrifice of more than 118,000 heroes, Canadians stand in unity and pause in a moment. Also, the phrase ‘Lest we Forget’ is frequently used in events. It includes assemblies in schools and wreath ceremonies at local war memorials. ‘Lest we Forget’ ensures a tribute that the services of these courageous soldiers always is a priority.

Red Poppy Emblem

Poppy is a symbol for Remembrance Day, thus we see people from all walks of life wearing the emblem. Red poppy grew on the battlefields of the First World War in Belgium and Northern France.

It’s important to note that the Royal Canadian Legion sell the replica poppies. Furthermore, the proceeds from the sales assist the Veterans and their families. The legion helps the retired veterans smoothly transition to civilian life. This includes for example, assistance in physical and mental health stability, financial aid and reviving relationship ties.

Around 54 members of the Commonwealth states observe Remembrance Day on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day and the eleventh month.

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

November 8th also commemorates the National Aboriginal Veterans Day in Canada. The indigenous veterans’ selfless contribution in the First world war, second world war and the Korean war is honoured and remembered. More than 12,000 indigenous members volunteered in all these three wars, and nearly 300 sacrificed their lives.

Today, Canadians are indebted to these soldiers who displayed valour in their line of duty. Many laid their life fighting for peace. Furthermore, the nation is highly indebted to them.  Standing in solidarity on November 11th with a red poppy pinned is a gesture to appreciate these heroes.

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