International Day of The Girl Child: Every Girl Matters!

The Gender Disparity

Just when I was winding up my recent blog on ‘Recent atrocity in Africa: Girls being raped as a weapon of war’, it struck me that International Girls Day is just around the corner. I was in a dilemma. I wanted to rejoice my yesteryears of a fun and frolic girl life and mentoring many beautiful young women. Yet, the stark reality of numerous girls out there suffering gave me goosebumps. It’s ironic that with progress in innovation and technology, many girls are still in the vicious circle of not receiving fundamental rights. 

The disparity and discrimination status of boys versus girls across the globe is mind-boggling. Further more, As we move across from developed to underdeveloped regions, the gap between the gender broadens. 

‘Digital Generation. Our Generation’.

The 2021 theme for International Day of the Girl Child is ‘Digital Generation. Our Generation’. Pandemic has done no good, especially in the learning sector and connectivity. The only source of education for children remains through online platforms. This year’s slogan aims to ensure that digital facilities are accessible for girls and bridge the inequity amongst genders.

2.2 billion people below the age of 25 do not have internet access at home, unfortunately, with girls more likely to be cut off.


We should ensure Inclusion at all levels. For example, no girl is deprived of her rights irrespective of race, location, language, ability, and economic status, amongst many other factors. Access to the Digital revolution amongst girls will benefit them. It will give them freedom of expression and open gates for a plenitude of opportunities. 

Girls being victimized

It’s true that education and access to digital facilities are pertinent to a girl’s grooming for her empowerment. Nevertheless, her safety and security are also a foremost matter of concern. It’s distressing to learn that girls treated unfairly and violently in some scenarios. For example, They are sexually harassed, forced into child marriages, being victims to pedophiles and targets of other violence. However, The International Girls Day highlights the diverse need and challenges of girls globally under 18 years of age.

Nearly 1 in 4 girls aged 15–19 globally are not in education, employment, or training, as compared to 1 in 10 boys. 


Being a proud mom of a teenage girl who is a dreamer, I am adamant to pave the way for her dreams to come true so she can shine. Even though, There are many like-minded parents and facilitators, yet the hindrances on the way seem daunting. With International Day of the Girl Child, its relieving to know that a platform on an international level caters to various girls’ issues. Moreover, It aims to empower today’s girls to envision success, be inspired, liberated, and empowered.

How can you be a voice for girls globally?

On 11th October 2021 you can participate and raise your voice for girls issues:

  • Virtually from the comfort of your home. 
  • For teachers, they can decorate their class with posters focusing on the issue
  • Introduce vocabulary like  ‘discrimination’, ’empower’ ‘masculine,’ and ‘inequality’ with meanings to young minds.
  • Educate boys to treat girls with respect and equality
  • Pledge to make every girl feel special, starting  from your  inner circle 
  • Tell stories of girls who have made it big despite of lack of resources.

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