Celebrating International Women’s day!

What better legacy to leave behind than an inclusive world. A world where a ‘woman’ can conquer the challenges, the taboos and bring an end to the vicious circle. 

This year’s International women’s day theme, #ChooseToChallenge, revolves around raising awareness about equality, acknowledging other women’s triumphs, and embracing every challenge to pave the way for positivity.


Teach them young: Tell your little girl she can unapologetically be ‘herself’. During the formative years, she questions her worth amid the gender disparity. This shattering self-doubt can be avoided by building a belief that she can dream Big and there is absolutely nothing that can obstruct her path. Readout to her success stories of women being high achievers, encourage her to participate in healthy activities and sports that have been gender-stereotyped, and most importantly, be a strong role model for your girl!

May be an image of one or more people, people walking and people standing
A moment captured in time of my dauntless girl: “Always remember, you are smarter than you think!

Amplify other women’s achievement: Be a woman who takes pride in giving a shout out to other women. Be those scrumptious cookies from a home-based business you recently had, a teen volunteer who visits retirement home after school hours, or a single mom you spot caring for her newborn while working. These are the unsung heroes of our community.

Fix her crown: Have you ever been in an awkward situation where you need empathy and a sincere helping hand without the fear of being judged? It could be a wardrobe malfunction or watching a helpless mom with her autistic child’s meltdown at the supermarket. We all need to fuel up the spirit to help other women step out of trouble, but no need to broadcast the world about it. Go ahead, advise her, pass a smile, give a shoulder to cry on, and Fix her crown but without telling anyone it was crooked. Maintain each other’s trust and confidentiality so we can carry on with poise and dignity. 

‘May our endeavors prove to be fruitful for our generations. May every woman know she is not alienated. She, being a woman, is CELEBRATED’!

Ensure Inclusion: Be it one’s household or a workplace, it should be an epitome for women of all diverse backgrounds to thrive. Every woman irrespective of her color, race, religion, or background should be empowered. Involve men to bring a beneficial snowball effect. A gender-inclusive, family-friendly, and flexible work hour environment should be supported. Arrange workshops to train, hire and mentor women. Advocate for their maternity leaves, healthcare, pay, and other perks.

Rejoice WomanhoodCelebrate International women’s day: This women’s day, be a voice for all the women. Be a pillar for their resiliency. Just have a look around. We never know what battle everyone is fighting. From the victims of domestic violence to those affected by the glass ceiling and others suffering in silence. You can choose to be a  part of any movement: associate with organizations that stand up for women’s rights, donate for the cause, host workshops for women empowerment, give a shout out to achievers, join the campaign by posting on social media with #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 and so much more!

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