Soma Breathwork Journey

Go deeper with SOMA Awakening Breathwork!

Kyle Espenshade is back to lead us through a 2 hour Soma Breathwork Journey. This is an incredible practice to help you set your intentions, and release old habitual patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your highest potential! With the new year coming soon, it’s a good time to focus on the things we’re focusing on for the coming year

Cost: $33 (Get $11 off with ‘here2help11‘ code at check out)
When: Friday, December 17th @ 4pm to 6pm PST / 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST
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Kyle is offering Here2Help Community 33% off a ticket! Use code ‘here2help11’ at check out since you are a part of our community!


What does it mean to “Awaken”? People rarely go inside and question their own motives and what they truly want. Most of us are just following mechanical habits that have been instilled in us through our cultural conditioning since birth. To awaken means tp wake up from the cultural hypnosis, and changing our habits of thought, emotion, and action so that they are in more alignment with who we truly are.

Make sure a notepad/journal, water, and wear comfortable yoga-style clothing. All breathwork techniques should ideally be done on an empty stomach, or at least 1-2 hrs after eating a full meal.

Who it’s for:

Breathwork such as Soma Breath is an amazing technique for new and seasoned meditators alike. For many just starting meditation, a simple sitting practice can be a difficult thing to get established with. For many experienced meditators, it can take years to practice to the point of being able to drop into certain deep states. Breathwork is an embodied practice, connecting the mind and body through the breath. This allows for deep physiological effects and relaxation that without breathwork may take a long time to get towards.

It’s also for those who desire to solve specific issues. It’s also for anyone who simply wants to experience a peak human experience or gain deep self-awareness and new inspiration. With Covid, lockdowns and social isolation, mental health has posed issues more than ever before. Many are seeking ways to de-stress themselves without stepping out. Soma Breath seems to take care of it. Just pause and take a breath as it improves your immune system and releases any stress. It’s the easiest habit to stay healthy and reduce stress. Soma Breath brings like-minded people in the community together through breath. ‘Breath together as one.’ As Kyle explains in his Podcast epiosde with Rian Bevan, ‘we let go of what no longer serves.’

How it works:

An extended Soma Breathwork Journey take us deeper than the Monday intro sessions through 5 rounds of the breath, and a guided meditation on areas of life you want to improve.

Into the World of Soma Alchemy

Kyle has developed Soma Alchemy. It’s a combination of holistic health and wellness practices for today’s spiritual seeker. It’s a means through which our Body, Mind, and soul can be healed, and our life-force awakened. In other words, for our everyday stress, fatigue, anxiety, and various mental health challenges, the solution resides in Soma Breathwork. 

Kyle teaches the art of balancing various aspects of Body, Mind, and Soul through daily rituals of self-health. The system combines ancient meditative and energetic techniques from yoga, qigong, shamanism with modern day music, technology, and understanding of self-hypnosis, psychology, and medicine.

A fun fact about Kyle is that he is the manager of the SOMA music label Breathe in Beats. I was mesmerized to listen to the uplifting song. A passion that Kyle had since High school, along with psychedelics.

Join us for this Soma Breathwork JourneyMonday’s for his free weekly intros, and every Sunday for his regular group practice.

Soma awakening
Kyle’s Soma Alchemy – Join us for a Soma Breathwork Journey!

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