Beach Clean Up, Collaborative Community Events

On December 6th our team went out on our first Collaborative Community Event, a beach clean up!

It was a soggy morning when we got there but dried up about halfway through our clean up. We managed to have enough time and people to clean up the whole park. Even with just the few people we had, it really showed how large of an impact you can have. This is something we want to start doing often in different parks, streets, wherever we can help out.

Obviously, the Covid-19 restrictions have made social gatherings tricky right now, so we had to figure out how else we could do a clean up event like this. But it ended up working out really well and giving us the new idea around decentralized collaborative community events.

Through this we realized that with just the few of us, we were able to clean up the park we went to entirely. So what happens when we grow a network across the country, across the globe, and work together from our areas to do these synchronous community events? What kind of change can we cause when we unite our efforts together for a common purpose? “Think global, act local” – but do it together.

With this collaborative community idea a few people from around BC and even down to California shared pictures of their clean up’s. Let’s keep expanding our reach!

We are working on a Community Calendar to keep track of the events you can get involved in from where you are, and we’re excited to see what we can all get up to collectively. Through all of this we would love for you to send us your photos and videos to our social media accounts and we will include you in our feeds joining us in our events from where you live. Share the posts with your friends and family and let’s make an impact.

For our next event, we’re planning a Holiday Stocking Drive for those in need and the homeless through this season. Even if you live away from where we’re located, you can join in and make your own stocking drive with your community. Let’s treat each other with warmth during this cold season. Stay tuned for our next post for the kind of items we are looking to collect.

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