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Community Clean Up

We are doing our first clean up event of the year and we’d love you to join from your own community!

Join us from your own area Fri, Feb 19 for a Community Clean Up!

Go to your local beach, park, street or trail and join us in a collaborative clean up. Here2Help Community is working to create collaborative community networks across the globe of people doing similar positive actions from their own locations. 

Even with the short notice we had at the last clean up event, we managed to have enough time and people to clean up the whole park. Even with just the few people we had, it really showed how large of an impact you can have. And when more groups join together to collaborate from their own communities, it really proves the impact we can truly have as a decentralized collective. It’s not about everyone coming to one park, it’s about spreading out our efforts through the whole network.

We have made a Community Calendar to keep track of the events you can get involved in from where you are, and we’re excited to see what we can all get up to collectively. As Covid restrictions begin to ease up, we will be working on many community events and ways that you can engage in-person with your communities, as well as more virtual events!

As we do more of these events together, we encourage you to send us your photos and videos to our social media accounts and we will include you in our feeds joining us in our events from your own location. Share the posts with your friends and family and let’s help make an impact together! This way we can really come together and think global, act local.

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