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This has been a hard year for so many of us. With less ability to see our friends and family, and the loss of public events, our social lives have been affected through this pandemic-filled year in ways many of us could not have foreseen. As a community-based organization, we realized that this is an opportunity for us to come up with virtual and in-person events to bring the community together during these challenging times.

So we are working to put out a Community Event Calendar. We are filling the calendar with virtual events you can join from your own home, in-person events, and collaborative events you can engage in from your own areas.

These will grow as our network expands, so definitely check our Calendar regularly. 

In-person collaborative community events are where all members who feel called to join in an activity can do so in their own local communities. This way, we can spread out across our community, across Canada, across the world, and all engage in the same kind of activity in our own locations to make the most impact we can collectively. Send videos and pictures of you joining us from your own communities and we’ll include you in our Social Media feeds. We would love to see you get to know new people outside your usual bubble, be social and support those who are struggling in this period of isolation.

Online events will be around health/wellness, community connection, skill building, and lots more. Most online events will be free with the option to donate to H2H and our wonderful event hosts. Our first event series will be Soma Breathwork with Kyle Espenshade on Monday’s at 5pm PST. If you would be a good event host or know someone who would fit well, or had an idea for an event, please contact us.

Do you have your own small business or organization? You can host these events in your own communities through us! We’ll help create a post that we can give to you for your own area and we will share it as well, just like we did with our Gift Drive with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Potential Collaborative events:

  • Community beach/park clean up
  • Community street clean up
  • Feeding the homeless 
  • Community Cooking (Park barbeques and lawn games, rent a community kitchen, etc)
  • Community Board Game night
  • Community submitted ideas! Get in touch with us to help put on an event

Potential Community Building Events (in person or virtual):

  • Book club (could host weekly online chat to discuss books, do a little activity, have a snack together)
  • Zoom Story time (read allowed your kids favourite books, maybe put together a related art activity for each book)
  • Online cooking classes (host a cooking class, teach a recipe, provide the ingredients, share images of your finished meals)
  • Trivia night (host an online trivia for people in the neighbourhood)
  • Board game day (bring your favorite boardgame, play with other people in the community)
  • Knitting club (teach knitting lessons, or just knit and chat with a nice cup of tea, donate what you make to a local organization)
  • Neighbourhood maps or scavenger hunt to show people your favourite parks, secret spots, public art, painted rocks, etc
  • Community “Fun/Sport Days” like they would have at the end of every year in Elementary school

Potential Virtual Event/Workshops

  • Arts and Crafts
  • yoga workshops
  • Meditation groups/Workshops
  • Music for seniors/people in general
  • Guided music meditation
  • Therapy workshops/groups
  • Philosophy Cafes
  • Dialogue events 
  • Food Preparation
  • Tech skills
  • Language Learning (basic, advanced)
    • Lessons
    • Conversation groups
  • Community submitted ideas 

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