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From App to Community – Name Change

Did you notice? Here2Help App is now Here2Help Community! We’ve recently shifted our name and website slightly to better describe what we’re doing as an organization – working to weave community in a disconnected world. 

A big part of our project is still the Here2Help App. This is what sparked the idea for our project overall, and is the platform we’re developing to provide community support for those in need based on their location, needs, and availability. The first version of our app will have 4 categories you can choose to ask or provide assistance in. This will expand as we grow, but the categories when we launch will be Connection, Pet Care, Help at Home, and Rides. We will post more on this as we get further in development.

The other part of our project is working to create the overall Here2Help Community. With a severely reduced ability to see those closest to us and the loss of public events, our social lives have been affected in ways many of us could not have foreseen or prepared ourselves for. As a non-profit with a community focus, we realized that this is an opportunity for us to come up with virtual and in-person events to bring the community together during these challenging times.

This is why we are now Here2Help Community, a name that describes more of the vision of our project and still includes the app platform. We are a community organization focused on innovative solutions to ensure the growth of resilient communities generations into the future. Come join our network and help us weave community together.

Light Work – Autmn Sky Art

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