GoFundMe Campaign!

Here2Help Community needs your help! We are a grassroots non-profit, supported entirely by donations so far. We’ve been fueled by our passion for creating resilient communities (and lots of coffee), and we are excited to see how the H2H App will impact communities around the world.

We have just launched our Crowdfunding Campaign!

We are hoping to raise $15,000 to pay for operational costs and expenses, and to fund future platform developments. With almost a year now working on this project, we’re ready to double down and get this out for the benefit of all communities.

We are working to launch this app globally to create decentralized collaborative communities. This project works such that people can provide help for each other and have their needs taken care of within their own communities. 

Help us help your communities. We have lots of interesting plans for this project, and donations of any size, and any share of our project or our Crowdfunding Campaign helps us an extraordinary amount. You can always donate to us at any other time through our donation link on our website.

Find our GoFundMe Campaign here: gf.me/u/zidf3z

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