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What a start to the year it has been. I hope many of you have had a good first month of 2021, despite whatever divisive politics and global situations may be going on. There are very real important events going on, but it’s so important that we don’t get lost in the news and fear cycles that constantly bombard us through the day, especially as many of us are home through these challenging Covid-times.

Despite challenges in the world, this is really a time where we have to do what we can to build community and connection with the people around us. We have to do what we can to “tend to the part of the garden we can touch,” rather than getting lost in hopelessness around global situations. We have to do what we can to put our attention on the state of the world we want to see express itself. We have to do what we can to focus on community.

Rian Bevan, one of our Co-Founders, was invited onto Campus KNCT @ UBC Podcast to talk about our project with Here2Help Community, and how we are trying to build this out to be a focal point of community connection that seems to be lacking in our modern day. Rian did a fantastic job describing the vision of what we’re trying to do with this app. So if you want to hear more of what we’ve been working on, definitely take a listen and help with us on this journey of community connection.

Find the podcast here

This podcast is also in association with The Wellness Proposal non-profit, who have so kindly asked us to be a partner and speak at their upcoming conference called “Speak Up!” This conference works to discuss different topics around de-stigmatizing mental health, and has speakers from Anxiety Canada, Rise Up Mental Health, BC Youth Council, etc.


Fri, Feb 5th: 3-5:30pm PST
Sat, Feb 6th: 1-2pm PST
Cost: FREE for all!

Register at the link below:


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