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Often when we think of sports, we imagine stadiums full of cheering people, adoring fans, and focused teams ready to battle it out to see who will be the victor. We see these high-energy circumstances with people at the top of their game who have trained to put on an exciting event. Even beyond professional athleticism, the same pattern is often true for school and rec leagues.

But many of us only see the sports through the eyes of the audience, watching our teams perform for our entertainment. What about the athletes themselves? What does it mean for an individual to dedicate so much time to a team and a sport? The mental health around athletes and sports is something many of us have never considered, especially as consumers of this entertainment.

It’s really unfortunate that mental health and well-being isn’t a large focus when it comes to sports. With the high amounts of pressure put on athletes to continuously perform at their best, it can take a toll on their mental health. Even with this pandemic, the inability for many to perform in the ways they are used to is an important consideration of how this can affect an individual. 

And so, Here2Help Community is partnering with Rise Up.

Rise Up aims to normalize conversations surrounding mental health and mental illnesses. The stigma surrounding these topics has created a lack of understanding for what mental health and mental illnesses truly signify. This discrepancy in knowledge and awareness causes great difficulty for those who are suffering. Rise Up provides supportive and encouraging Support Groups where individuals can come together and share their experiences with others who have faced similar challenges. 

Rise Up will be hosting peer-led support groups in regards to anxiety and mental health in sport. Whether you play sports competitively or not, anxiety can drastically interfere with one’s enjoyment in sport. Registration is free and is currently open to youth aged 13-21 with the focus on creating an environment where people feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings. There are a limited amount of spots so make sure to sign up soon.

The format of the group will be 40 min zoom sessions twice a month, with sessions beginning in April or early May. Please sign up through the form below to join the group.

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