The Wild Men Go Zoom Weekly Event

This has been a challenging year for many people. Social networks have decreased and there has been less ability to see the community of people we hold dear. Considerations around mental health have come into the forefront of people’s minds. We’re seeing much more conversation around self care, normalizing therapy, and other ways of grounding.

But it can still be very isolating to go through the journey to wellness. There’s much talk about self-care and one-on-one therapy, but community care is another aspect of mental health is necessary, especially in this time of Covid. This is something that for many men has been a challenge even before the pandemic. It is not as commonly accepted for men to have spaces in which they can really speak about what has been affecting them.

We believe having a community of support for men to be able to share their experiences and discuss with others who may be experiencing similar situations is so important in these times.

And so, Here2Help Community is partnering with The Wild Men

The Wild Men is a brotherhood of conscious men empowering each other to embody their highest potential – our noble, wild nature! We’re dedicated to tapping back into the fire within, the inherent power that’s been repressed and hidden from us by a world that tries to tame us. By coming together, we power transformation through collaboration, intimacy, and accountability, opening the door to leading your life in authenticity, purpose, and abundance.

Join us Sunday’s at 8am PST/11am EST for The Wild Men Go Zoom events.

The Wild Men Go Zoom is where we come together as a brotherhood in support of one another. This is our time each week to meet members of the group, voice current challenges to receive guidance and support from the other men We also =discuss weekly topics like addiction, childhood programming, and creating powerful relationships. 

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