Soma Breathwork Journey

Go deeper with SOMA Awakening Breathwork! Kyle Espenshade is back to lead us through a 2 hour Soma Breathwork Journey. This is an incredible practice to help you set your intentions, and release old habitual patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your highest potential! With the new year coming soon, it’s a good […]

“Lest we Forget.”


November 11th marks Remembrance Day all over Canada in honour of the heroes who died in military service. To commemorate the bravery of more than 2,300,000 Canadians and the sacrifice of more than 118,000 heroes, Canadians stand in unity and pause in a moment. Also, the phrase ‘Lest we Forget’ is frequently used in events. […]

EFT (Tapping) Group Session with Geoff Paul (Shaboy)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Event with Geoff Paul (Shaboy) In this 2 hour session you will combine the ancient wisdom of the traditional Chinese medicines energy meridian system (the basis of acupuncture and chi gong) with modern NLP and talk therapy. The EFT method frees up the energy blocked in the body due to past […]

International Day of The Girl Child: Every Girl Matters!


The Gender Disparity Just when I was winding up my recent blog on ‘Recent atrocity in Africa: Girls being raped as a weapon of war’, it struck me that International Girls Day is just around the corner. I was in a dilemma. I wanted to rejoice my yesteryears of a fun and frolic girl life […]

Mushrooms: Smart Fungi for the Future


Our mornings are witnessed with the chilled breeze and scattered sprouted mushrooms in the dewy grass as we welcome fall. While we carelessly step over mushrooms in our everyday walk, little do we do about the numerous benefits of the phenomenal fungi. Recently when a friend recommended Fantastic Fungi on Netflix, I was awestruck. Who knew […]

Jogging Re-defined: The Many Benefits of Plogging


As I brace myself for an early morning stroll in crisp fall wind, the dewy grass and freshly sprouted mushrooms welcome me. The morning walk always served as a stress buster for me. “Me time” that I would cherish before hitting my chores. However, lately, I was familiarized with an exciting concept of Plogging. Plogging […]

Here2Help Community: Believing in joy of giving back to the community

  No man is an island! None of us is self sufficient, thus we humans have to make connections for survival. And getting bit by bit outside our comfort zones to reach out to the community is what makes our survival meaningful!  A well knitted community living is a backbone for any thriving society.  Just […]

Community Kitchen Going Strong Amid Pandemic

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen A community kitchen is run by a group of volunteers, usually in a facility such as churches, schools, or community centers. They meet regularly to cater the Community with free of cost or affordable meals. Let’s see how a visionary community member kept the spirit going amid Pandemic. How a Community Member Faced […]

The Connection Between Journaling and Our Wellbeing

Some people may think that journaling couldn’t possibly affect our wellbeing, since it’s just writing down a bunch of words on paper. But on the contrary, journaling actually has many benefits for us, and I’m going to share some of those benefits below. So grab a pen and your journal, it’s time to write! 1. […]

Practicing Mindfulness

Have you ever heard the word “mindful” or “mindfulness” and not really known what it meant? Being mindful means to be fully present with yourself, being aware of what is happening around you, and not having a strong reaction to your surroundings such as feeling overwhelmed. However, the definition of being mindful changes from person […]