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Kyle Espenshade – NeuroSomatic Breath Therapist

Kyle Espenshade is our excellent breathwork instructor we have partnered with. He is a NeuroSomatic Breath Therapist, and Master Soma instructor. He has worked hard to develop Soma Alchemy, bringing together aspects of what he has learned over the years into a wellness practice focusing on holistic health for the modern day.

Soma Alchemy provides the tools to overcome challenges and blockages such as stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, and dis-ease by showing you how to balance various aspects of the Body, Mind, and Soul through ancient practices of Meditation, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Yogic Bodywork, and Shamanic Diet. In our modern times, and especially through this difficult time of the Covid pandemic we find ourselves in, this practice serves as a powerful way to reconnect ourselves to what’s important in our lives and let go of what stresses us. Kyle also manages the SOMA music label, Breathe In Beats.

Kyle studied breathwork with Wim Hof and later Anthony Abbagnano, founder of Alchemy of Breath. With this training, he was able to dive deeper into the process of healing with a six week Hero’s Journey workshop, following Joseph Campbell’s outline for psychological development and personal transformation. He eventually came upon SOMA Breath, which seemed to align perfectly as the holistic system he had been dreaming about putting together, and became one of the first SOMA instructors.

Join us Monday’s at 5pm PST/8pm EST for an initiation into the Soma Awakening Breathwork.

Event link here:

Soma Alchemy Website:

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