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Soma Starwalking Journey

Join us for another SOMA breathwork event!

Kyle Espenshade is hosting a 2 hour Soma Starwalking Journey.
He’s giving our Here2Help Community 33% off of a ticket with the code ‘here2help11’ at checkout!
Registration through this link:

When: June 10th4pm PST / 7pm EST
Length: 2 hours
Where: Through here

The Event

SOMA Breathwork techniques combined with modern technology takes Shamanic Journeying to a whole new level!

Use breathwork and guided visualization to enter into profound states of deep meditation. The essence of the shaman’s power to travel and to heal is the ability to dream strong.

Historically, shamans were able to travel to either the Higher angelic realms of Heaven, the elemental realms of the middle plane, or descend into lower realms of minerals and creatures via traversing the Axis Mundi (World Tree or Cosmic Axis). This is also known as “Conscious Dreaming” or Astral Travel into the Spirit Worlds where they can meet with their Power Animals and Spiritual Guides, commune with the departed, recover lost memories or parts of the Soul, obtain knowledge for healing, divination, or wisdom, and even for practical uses, such as finding food and water for the tribe, or for predicting weather, etc.

In this workshop you will learn how to use SOMA Breathwork to launch you into a visionary Shamanic Journey. Wear comfortable clothes, Yoga style clothing is perfect.

All breathwork techniques should be done on an empty stomach, or at least 1-2 hrs after eating a full meal.
Bring a journal or notebook. You may also want a scarf or eye mask to cover your eyes to aid in going deeper into the journey.

This 2 hour experience will consist of:

  • Opening with Grounding, Gratitude, and Prayer
  • Intention Setting Contemplation
  • Guided SOMA Breathwork and Shamanic Visionary Journey
  • Return and Record your Experience
  • Sharing your Experience!

About Kyle:

Kyle Espenshade is our excellent breathwork instructor we have partnered with. He is a NeuroSomatic Breath Therapist, and Master Soma breathwork instructor. He has worked hard to develop Soma Alchemy, bringing together aspects of what he has learned over the years into a wellness practice focusing on holistic health for the modern day.

Soma Alchemy provides the tools to overcome challenges and blockages such as stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, and dis-ease by showing you how to balance various aspects of the Body, Mind, and Soul through ancient practices of Meditation, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Yogic Bodywork, and Shamanic Diet. In our modern times, and especially through this difficult time of the Covid pandemic we find ourselves in, this practice serves as a powerful way to reconnect ourselves to what’s important in our lives and let go of what stresses us. Kyle also manages the SOMA music label, Breathe In Beats.

Besides this longer 2 hour breathwork journey, Kyle also puts on Intro Soma breathwork Masterclasses every Monday, and you can sign up for his weekly group sessions on Sunday’s through his website.

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