An Insight to Soma Breathwork With Kyle Espenshade

Kyle Meditation

What if I tell you that merely with the power of Soma breathwork, healing can be attained in ways you could have never imagined. The words ‘SOMA Breath’ might be news to many. And ‘SOMA ALCHEMY,’ well, a step ahead. As much as I was curious about Soma, and it’s much raved about benefits, getting […]

Enlighten Your Soul With Meditation

Meditation with Terry

A comprehensive Guide to Meditation with Terry A sneak peek into the world of Meditation: Meditation is no mystery. Some of us are privileged to experience it; some are apprehensive about trying, while others just don’t have time. We are aware of the multiple benefits of Meditation in our emotional well-being. However, a recent one-to-one […]

A Paradigm Shift To Feeding Our Children

Girl holding an apple and donut

What would a typical meal of a five-year-old look like? Ideally, it should comprise meals from all the five healthy food groups: vegetable, fruit, grain foods, dairy and protein with a low amount of salt, fats, sugar and high fibre. But do we adhere to the standard? In today’s fast-paced world, it indeed comes as […]

H2H: Empowering Communities

H2H: Empowering Communities ‘No one seeking help should be left stranded, and every volunteer gets a direction to connect.’ Often, we witness or hear about scenarios where a neighbour going through depression yearns for someone to talk to. Or a teenager needs a ride for soccer practice, but mom is stuck at work. Or a […]


A service to humanity that is driven by no greed, fame, or pomp. Volunteering is merely pumped up by selflessness, and love for others. True, volunteering and community work consume one’s time, resources, and energy. However, there is no denying that the perks of volunteering are cherished by both the volunteer as well as the […]

Here2Help Community: Helping you get through Social Isolation

What a challenging year we all just witnessed! With all sectors directly impacted, our social life and mental health is a no different story. Anyone who has experienced Lockdown and quarantine recently can relate to how perturbing social isolation can be. When the news broke to me that I was to quarantine for 14 days, […]

Guide for Building a Positive Relationship with your Child

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Time and again, a parent, a caregiver, or a facilitator has to put up with the situation where a child’s behavior starts to pose a problem. It can be temper tantrums, aggression, whining, or just staying aloof to name a few. As a mom and childhood educator, I have witnessed this […]

Celebrating International Women’s day!

What better legacy to leave behind than an inclusive world. A world where a ‘woman’ can conquer the challenges, the taboos and bring an end to the vicious circle.  This year’s International women’s day theme, #ChooseToChallenge, revolves around raising awareness about equality, acknowledging other women’s triumphs, and embracing every challenge to pave the way for […]


How would a world free of any discrimination would look like? A place where every color, race, religion, gender is not only recognized, but is celebrated. A Utopia where the differences are not only tolerated but given equal opportunities to thrive. A realization that no one is a child of a lesser God.  March 1st […]