Here2Help Community: Helping you get through Social Isolation

What a challenging year we all just witnessed! With all sectors directly impacted, our social life and mental health is a no different story. Anyone who has experienced Lockdown and quarantine recently can relate to how perturbing social isolation can be. When the news broke to me that I was to quarantine for 14 days, […]

Guide for Building a Positive Relationship with your Child

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Time and again, a parent, a caregiver, or a facilitator has to put up with the situation where a child’s behavior starts to pose a problem. It can be temper tantrums, aggression, whining, or just staying aloof to name a few. As a mom and childhood educator, I have witnessed this […]

Celebrating International Women’s day!

What better legacy to leave behind than an inclusive world. A world where a ‘woman’ can conquer the challenges, the taboos and bring an end to the vicious circle.  This year’s International women’s day theme, #ChooseToChallenge, revolves around raising awareness about equality, acknowledging other women’s triumphs, and embracing every challenge to pave the way for […]


How would a world free of any discrimination would look like? A place where every color, race, religion, gender is not only recognized, but is celebrated. A Utopia where the differences are not only tolerated but given equal opportunities to thrive. A realization that no one is a child of a lesser God.  March 1st […]