H2H: Empowering Communities

H2H: Empowering Communities

‘No one seeking help should be left stranded, and every volunteer gets a direction to connect.’

Often, we witness or hear about scenarios where a neighbour going through depression yearns for someone to talk to. Or a teenager needs a ride for soccer practice, but mom is stuck at work. Or a dog needs to be taken out for a walk, but you can’t due to illness. But, unfortunately, seeking help on many such occasions from friends and family doesn’t always work out as expected, causing distress and leaving one in a lurch. 

There is also a psychological perspective to seeking help. Seekers often question their dignity and feel indebted when approaching for support. In addition, many are apprehensive about looking out for a helping hand due to a lack of resources, as they think it will make them look fragile or incompetent.

‘Seeking help’ and ‘reaching out to help’ should not be a burden for any. Instead, it is a reciprocal process for any thriving community. This need is being addressed by Here2help.community that believes in empowering the community by various means:

H2H App- Help is just a click away:

One has to install the app and post their needs falling under any of the four categories: connection, pet care, help at home, and rides. These needs are then matched with the pool of H2H volunteers according to their skills, availability, and location. The release date is TBA.

H2H Workshops – Rising by uplifting others: 

An organization firmly believes in equity and inclusion. Here2Help Community ensures that anyone seeks help in the community irrespective of racial, cultural, religious, or gender differences.

Workshops led by experts aim to empower the participants. To name a few, Soma Breathwork aids participants in breathing techniques for physical and mental wellness, and relaxation. Expressive art workshops to uplift participants so they can express themselves through creativity.  Wild Men Go Zoom, a platform providing support group to men and understanding Children’s behaviour to guide caretakers and parents.

Reaching out: Sneak peek to the future 

H2H is continuously striving to come up with more strategies to empower the community. Our projects in the pipeline include sessions for career support for youth, supporting athletes’ mental health, Bringing nature indoors for the plant lovers, creative cooking and much more.  We believe in encouraging feedback from the various workshop participants so we can improvise on adding value. We also have a treasure of informative blogs ranging from healthy topics, women empowerment to tech-savvy guides.

Here2Help is a community tech organization focused on innovative solutions to ensure the growth of resilient communities generations into the future. Are you a community-minded individual interested in sharing your skills to help empower your community? We would love to hear from you to collaborate! Contact us if you’re interested in working with us or hosting a workshop on the Here2Help platform.
We are a registered not-for-profit run entirely through volunteer support. Any contribution goes a long way in helping us reach our goal of  healing communities from within. Visit our Donate page to learn more about how your contribution can make a real difference.

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